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New Year’s Baby at San Dimas Community Hospital

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Most New Year's babies come on New Year's Day, but this year San Dimas Community Hospital had to wait a couple extra days. "I can't believe it took so long. We usually have a baby that morning – you know, not maybe within the first few minutes of midnight, but that day, certainly." Said Penny Mount-Whelan, one of the hospital's directors.

Woman and baby

This year the first baby born at San Dimas Community Hospital was Haya Jerioudi, to proud parents Ghida Alazem and Raad Jerioudi, and she came at 2:09am on January 3rd. "She had to push for a while, so it was anyone's guess when it would happen," commented one nurse.

Haya means "a gift" and her beaming parents certainly feel that way. As another gift to them, not nearly so precious, the team at the hospital presented them with a gift bag, including a new baby bundle of products, a baby blanket, and a soothing nighttime lamp. When the gift bag was brought in the father exclaimed, "Is that a Porsche? We'll do this every year! Same time next year!" Though there was not a Porsche in the gift bag, he re-iterated that they'd be happy to be back for another birth.

Family and baby

The Jeroudi family has deep ties to the hospital. Raad used to work there, and the couple's oldest son was also born there. "Six years ago I had him in this very hospital, and was in this same room," said Ghida. "Our other daughter is all international, though, she was born in Abu Dhabi." The two older Jeroudi children buzzed about the room, surrounded by other family members, and fawning over their baby sister.

Though they were in the same room six years ago, some upgrades to San Dimas Community Hospital have been made. The Family Birth Center at the hospital provides care and services; from the moment a patient thinks that they may be pregnant through delivery and early childhood care. A range of classes taught by nurses, physicians, and other professionals are offered to help patients be prepared for the big moment. Private rooms and showers, the ability to have the child in room with dedicated nursing staff available, and flexible visiting hours are all offered to increase family comfort in the maternity ward on New Year's Day, or any day of the year. For information on the family birth center, contact the hospital at 909-599-6911.