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Pain Management Services

Although the reasons for chronic pain will vary, the affect it has on your life is universally devastating. Chronic pain may make it difficult to enjoy even the simplest pleasures: taking a walk, playing with grandchildren, and gardening. At San Dimas Community Hospital, we want to help you get control of your pain - and your life.

We have a comprehensive range of services to help patients learn to manage their pain - and increase their quality of life - including:

  • physical therapy/exercise rehabilitation
  • nerve and muscle stimulation
  • occupational therapy
  • individual and group pain management
  • family counseling
  • neuromuscular re-education
  • relaxation training
  • behavior modification
  • biofeedback
  • behavior modification
  • biofeedback
  • medical devices, when necessary

Our pain management professionals are specialists in their respective fields, as well as in pain control. Your team may include:

  • anesthesiologists
  • neurologists
  • rheumatologists
  • psychologists
  • movement disorder specialists
  • chemical dependency specialists